Author: Lauren Flemming

Moon River

While South’s Annual DineSouth event is on hold for 2020, these mouthwatering hotspots are still open for business and ready to serve up some seriously delicious cuisine.

Erica Davis Lowcountry

While South’s Annual DineSouth event is on hold for 2020, these mouthwatering hotspots are still open for business and ready to serve up some seriously delicious cuisine.

Wiley’s Championship BBQ

While South’s Annual DineSouth event is on hold for 2020, these mouthwatering hotspots are still open for business and ready to serve up some seriously delicious cuisine.

A Sad Tail

A lost pet is every owner’s worst nightmare - or so they think. Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come after a pet is discovered to be missing. In a race against the clock to rescue a pet from the fear of the unknown, the time may be ticking as they await demise on canine death row. It’s up to us to write a happy ending to a sad tale.

Immortalize Your Furry Baby

Beginning in high school, Savannah local Jenna Scott has quietly harbored a true love for painting and animals alike. For Scott, painting is an outlet from reality – sharing her work is personal, making her vulnerable. Now she shares her delightful work with the world!

Swamp Fox Farms

This South Carolina farm tells a story of a southern family and illustrates a heritage that runs as deep as a live oak’s taproot, while at the same time maintaining an ethereal quality. Part event venue and part love letter to the grandeur of the south, Swamp Fox Farms represents the pinnacle of southern style.

Bocook Realty

South's Most Stylish 2020: Two decades of experience and unparalleled market knowledge, served with a smile - that's Bocook Realty's style. The Bocook family is truly a staple in the Greater Savannah market.

Inspired Closets

South's Most Stylish 2020: Inspired Closets allows clients to indulge in organization. There's a place for everything. Except stress.

The Hilton Head Life

South's Most Stylish 2020: Like a haute couture gown, Hollifield and Squicquero of Hilton Head Life isolate patterns from your desires. They are so much more than realtors, they are "life stylists," personalizing your property search and tailoring it exactly to specification.

Dr. Carl Pearl

South's Most Stylish 2020: Helping clients achieve their personal physical aesthetic goals is what puts a smile on Dr. Carl Pearl's face. His professional goal is to create natural appearances through the latest medical techniques.

Tate Law Group

South's Most Stylish 2020: Meet attorney Mark Tate. Tate balances his personal style somewhere between off-roading in a Jeep and sporting Tom Ford suits to court. One thing that is unchangeable is Tate Law Group, LLC's unmatched work ethic on behalf of clients.

Seabolt Real Estate

South's Most Stylish 2020: Seabolt Real Estate understands that style and luxury mean different things to different people. Seabolt's style is luxury, whether that means luxury properties, luxury lifestyle or, most importantly, luxury service.

Nine Line Apparel

South's Most Stylish 2020: This Southern company embodies patriotism through its apparel and lifestyle brand. Nine Line Apparel understands that to have style is to have substance. They stand for so much more than the sweet gear they sell.

Edgewater Boutique

South's Most Stylish 2020: When it comes to style, Katie Cassidy has thought of it all – and a little bit more. This fashion connoisseur knows that the key to style is inclusivity and range, mixed with a healthy dose of cool.

New York Life Michelle Stenson

South's Most Stylish 2020: While Michelle Stenson's achievements as an agent at New York Life's Savannah office speak for themselves, they do not say it all. The reason Stenson is the best at what she does is because of her expert approach and warmhearted poise.

Savannah Interior Plant Designs

South's Most Stylish 2020: Uniquely stylish and refreshingly innovative, Savannah Interior Plant Designs maintains an unparalleled reputation in creating interior plantscapes.

Savannah Dental

South's Most Stylish 2020: There is no greater fashion accessory than a beautiful smile, and no one understands this better than Dr. Sweeney, Dr. Dickinson and Dr. Walinchus of Savannah Dental.

ROBS the Collective

South's Most Stylish 2020: Rob Horton has been a consistent style authority for South magazine through the years. He remains on top of his industry due to his commitment to customer service and constant pursuit of art in all that he does.

Creative Approach

South's Most Stylish 2020: Creative Approach knows how to make creative dreams a reality. The team transforms ideas and digital to tangible mediums. By only using the highest quality products, expert techniques and cutting edge technology, Creative Approach is the Lowcountry's choice for full service printing.

Dr. Ryan Reeves

South's Most Stylish 2020: Dr. Ryan Reeves of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry sets the style standard in the dental field through innovative techniques and practicing preventative medicine. With procedures like the non-surgical facelift and smile makeovers, Dr. Reeves is known for improving aesthetics by addressing the root of any structural issues for a healthier smile!

Goldon House Gallery

South's Most Stylish 2020: A visit to Goldon House Gallery is like a trip around the world. Artist Vincent Golshani creates a space to showcase art in its purest form, away from the snobbery and elitism without sacrificing sophistication and intrigue.