Author: Emma Iocovozzi

The Southern Bar Crawl

Savannah is a drinking town, pure and simple. Make your way through the best bars in the city with South’s Official Southern Bar Crawl.

What About Ray?

When it comes to understanding brands, advertising, and how businesses market themselves, Ray Jacobs seems to be in a class all by himself. His list of accomplishments is prolific, having worked with The Tonight Show, Judge Judy, Paramount, starting the most…

Tytan Creates

As they strive to be the largest producer of independent films in the South, Tytan Creates' new venture is putting Eatonton on the map.

Hugh Acheson

You might be shocked to know the man who understands and promotes Southern cuisine and culture on a national level is actually Canadian.

Billy the G.O.A.T.

Greatest of all time isn't a understatement when it comes to Billy Lee, a savannah restaurateur who has become a living legend among his friends, employees, and locals.

Hail to the Chief

To protect and serve: it's what our boys in blue dedicate their lives to every single day. But in this heightened socio-political climate, it's hard to remember how incredibly passionate the police force is about keeping us safe. We spoke to…

Heap of Trouble

Steadfast and determined to get hard criminals off the streets, Chatham County's first female district attorney is spearheading numerous programs that will put criminals in a whole heap of trouble.

Meeting with the Mayor

After only a few months in office, our new mayor makes it clear he's not afraid to make the tough decisions.

Veteran Owned. Family Oriented.

Brothers Major Daniel and Captain Tyler Merritt, the president and CEO, respectively, spoke to us with passion and excitement for, Nine Line, their company and foundation. Now about three years old and with current monthly production numbers that out-perform companies double their size, Nine Line Apparel has already started making waves in the clothing sector.

The Diary of a Ghost Hunt

If you’ve lived in Savannah for a certain period of time, it doesn’t matter if you believe in ghosts or not, the paranormal tends to consume part of your life. Our hubris in describing this little Victorian city by the sea, drips like Spanish moss out of our mouths with stories of all the characters we’ve encountered.

The Most Adventurous Job

Storm Soldiers II, set to be released in late 2016, walks us through not only a day in lives of the linemen, but also the lives of their families. “Most of the time when a lineman leaves his home, his family has no idea when he’ll be back or if he’ll even be back at all,” says Stone.

It's a Muddy Business

The Greeks once called running “the world’s most accessible sport.” Its endless virtues are as utilitarian as they are beautiful. Four and a half million years ago we learned to walk upright and almost immediately turned those baby steps into long strides, but how has it evolved?