Author: Emilie Kefalas

So Fit to be a Star

Following a string of hits that put him on country music’s radar, artist Russel Dickerson shares how he’s taken to life on the road and stayed fit in the process.

Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease

How Savannah’s own Dr. Mary Kay Ross connected toxins to alzheimer's and collaborated with Dr. Dale Bredesen to reverse the disease in a groundbreaking medical program. The trauma center of Savannah’s Memorial Hospital provided Mary Kay Ross, MD,  FACEP with…

Straight Shooter

In his quest to remain unique and unpredictable, Shooter Jennings, son of country legends Waylon Jennings and Jessi Coulter, does the unpredictable by going full country in his latest, most personal album.

The Art of Fame

An artist in every sense of the word, local creative force Sarah Sandin reflects on her roots, life in L.A., and spreading her wings southbound.

An Intimate Style to Touring

In the bustling business of brochures and tour guides, meet the husband and wife power couple who put their passions together to uniquely share and show Savannah to visitors.

Liquid Artistry

From excellent views to exceptional brews, everything about this premier rooftop bar is pitcher perfect.

6 Stylish Artists

Southern style can be hard to define when it comes to art. As we think about what Southern style truly means, some of our favorite Southern artists—who have either worked hard to define their own terms of Southern style or have stumbled upon it gracefully—keep coming to mind.

Power Pub

From the best bourbon in the South to Moscow Mules served in soup cans, the Ordinary Pub’s eclectic selection of drinks makes this Broughton hotspot anything but ordinary.

Better Than the Cannoli

From "The Godfather" to "Ormond Beach," actor and singer Johnny Martino, now 81, continues to captivate with his incredible stories and Italian charm.

Writing on the Wall

Ever since she’s been able to hold a pen in her hands, Brittany Curry has been writing on walls.

Savannah Influencers

Savannah Women Come Together to Support Local Charities Through the Power of Social Media,

Let me take you to Perry Lane

Chic and boutique, the Perry Lane Hotel is finally ready to welcome Savannah’s locals and tourists with a vision for a unique lodging experience in the Hostess City’s Historic District.

Off the Beaten Path

Nestled at the mouth of the Altamaha River in Georgia’s Mcintosh county, 50 miles south of Savannah is a quaint southern haven known as Darien.


It’s a hole in the wall that screams Italian...the people, the atmosphere, and the food...oh yes, the food!

Who Is Bringing Broughton Street Back?

Time for a Change One of Savannah’s most scenic and active drags is also the major focus of Atlanta-based commercial real-estate firm Ben Carter Enterprises.  CEO Quito Anderson is in charge of executing Ben Carter’s vision for an extensive project…

Get to Know Elvis in a Whole New Way

Elvis was in the building albeit in spirit and in print Thursday evening at the Jepson Center for the Telfair Museum’s gallery opening of, “Elvis at 21: Photographs by Alfred Wertheimer.”  Running through October 2nd at the Jepson Center, the…

Celebrating Earth Day Should Go Beyond April 22

Earth Day has evolved from an idea promoting environmentalism awareness to an advocacy dedicated to education and activism.  Of all people, Joanne Morton knows Earth Day does not begin and end on April 22nd;  Its spirit must endure everyday through…

One Million Acts of Kindness

Nine years ago on April 16th, thirty-two lives were violently taken at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, a tragedy now remembered as the Virginia Tech shooting.  The aftershock was unnerving.  While family and friends of the…

The Creator of Savannah's First Tattoo Fest Speaks!

An Interview with Savannah Tattoo Festival Founder John Cann Your mother can say what she wants about you coming home with a tattoo. However, there is no denying body art cuts deep (emotionally and physically) for the one in five adults…

3 Must-Try Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

  Baking is bliss for me.  A spatula gripped in my hand does not feel foreign but familiar, like it belongs there.  And nothing - nothing - feels or mixes more right with that spatula than a batch of chocolate…