Author: Cory Hott

Southern Crafted

Savannah may have been late to the craft party, but we sure did show up in style.

Made from Scratch

Southern cook and homesteader Ashley English cooks up an awareness for healthy eating and living through classic Southern recipes and traditions in her latest cookbook, “Southern from Scratch.”

Ain't Clownin' Around

In the wake of the creepy clown epidemic, we sat down with Stitches, one of the creepy clowns scaring the South and co-owner of Dead City Clowns, to discuss the clown epidemic, his most memorable scares, and just how scary he thinks he really is.

Overnight Luxury

For these transplants from the North, being Southern hosts was always in their nature.

6 Stylish Artists

Southern style can be hard to define when it comes to art. As we think about what Southern style truly means, some of our favorite Southern artists—who have either worked hard to define their own terms of Southern style or have stumbled upon it gracefully—keep coming to mind.

TeamSouth Has Dinner with a Bear

TeamSouth celebrated the completion of our upcoming August/September “Style and Luxury” issue by embarking on a night of luxury with some of our favorite indulgences.

Re-designing Savannah with Matthew Hallett

The Congress for New Urbanism, a nonprofit based out of Washington, D.C. that advocates for new urban design, held its 26th conference right here in the Hostess City last week to explore some of the urban design challenges Savannah currently…

Breaking Bread and Saying “Thank You”

Julie Blissett (center), Mayor Deloach (right) In true Savannah hospitality, the city came together earlier this week to say thank you to the more than 400 service members who helped organize and conduct Operation Empower Health – Greater Savannah: Innovative Readiness Training…