Author: Barry Kaufman

Cracking Open the Lowcountry's Craft Beer Scene

When you mention the Lowcountry craft beer scene to most people, they’ll start rattling off a few of the hipster-friendly IPA peddlers that have made Charleston ground zero for insufferable handlebar-mustache-wearers and their assorted Very Serious Opinions About Hops™. Which…

Shoot Like a Girl

They say it’s a man’s world. They say that a woman’s place is in the house. They say the gun range is no place for a lady. Of course, they say none of this to Jessie Duff.

Steve Penley's Soda Pop Art

Steve Penley painted his way to icon-dom, and along the way, America's favorite brand commissioned his quasi-impressionism to bring the Coke side to life.

The Downtown Delilahs

Tucked away behind bustling Historic River Street is a secret night club known only to those who have a key.

Going Bananas

The Savannah Bananas are bringing more than just baseball back to Grayson Stadium.