Top Ten Fireworks to Light Up Your Fourth


As many Fourth of July celebrations get canceled amidst the coronavirus pandemic, many Americans will find themselves hosting their own fireworks show this year. We spoke to the experts at Phantom Fireworks to find out the greatest way to put on a spectacle that your neighbors will remember ’till the day they die. Check out these 10 packages that are sure to light up your festivities.

Red, White, and Boom!

With alternating red, white and blue explosions, Red, White, and Boom! is the best option for your Fourth of July holiday celebration. This 16-shot 200-gram repeating fireworks package ends with a stellar finale that’ll light up the sky. Red, White, and Boom! also comes as a Roman candle and a 500-gram repeating package.


Excalibur Mortar Shell Kit

Excalibur is one of the best regarded shell-mortar kits available on the fireworks market. This package comes with 24 mortar shells and a highly reinforced tube to shoot them off into the sky. 


Continuum Mortar Shell Kit

The Continuum Mortar Shell Kit comes with four separate tubes to launch a total of 24 artillery shells, each 60 grams. 


Fierce Tiger Soaring Rockets

These orange rockets certainly live up to their name, leaping into the air and exploding in a fiery cascade of sparks. Pick up a package of 12 individual Fierce Tiger Soaring Rockets to experience a true spectacle. 



This 24-shot 200-gram repeater begins with red and blue stars, but switches to green and purple — with a crackle. A red-and-blue whistling mine barrage culminates in a powerful aerial finale, making Deja-vu one of the most versatile packages that Phantom offers. 


Flashing Thunder Roman Candle 

These Roman candles are sure to bring smiles. With eight shots of stars and a louder-than-average final report, the Flashing Thunder Roman candles are the best hand-held sparks show money can buy.


Blue Streak Rockets

With a large display of blue stars and silver flying fish, these high-flying rockets will put on a show for miles around. Get yourself a bundle of six Blue Streak Rockets for your Fourth of July. 


Hasta La Vista Baby 

This long-burning multi-color fountain spouts a torrential rain of sparks and fire into the air. Light the Hasta La Vista Baby Fountain and watch the burning sensation 


Emerald City 

This aerial extravaganza shoots off green and gold bursts of light into the sky. Emerald City comes in a 16-shot 200-gram repeater package or a premier nine-shot finale rack.


Fiery Frogs Fountain 

The Fiery Frogs Fountain is a multi-effect novelty fountain of sparks and showers of gold and silver, along with red and blue stars. Even the frog’s eyes crackle and its mouth glows as it shoots up its flames and sparks. 


Saftey First

Fireworks certainly have a stigma attached to them: they are thought of, like motorcycles and skydiving, as one of the many examples of natural selection and Darwinism. But with a few simple saftey protocols your Fourth of July can be without hazard. Here are some easy ways to keep your Independence Day safe: 

1. Saftey Glasses

Anyone in close proximity to fireworks should always protect their eyes with saftey glasses or goggles. 

2. Keep a Bucket of Water Handy

Fireworks can be ignited by a high amount of heat, so having a bucket of water handy is a good idea in case your whole arsenal begins firing. 

3. Punk Sticks

Punk sticks are the safest way to light fireworks. They ensure that the user can maintain some distance between themself and the explosive, and they also stay lit for a long period of time. 

4. Stay Back if You're Just Watching

Anyone not in the process of lighting fireworks should stay at least 50 feet away — that way they can also have the best view while also staying out of harm's way. 


Be sure to read the full fireworks saftey guidelines on the Phantom Fireworks website. 


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