"Angry Birds 2" Reviewed by 8-Year-Old Lyla Clay


South magazine reviews Angry Birds 2 — and who better to write this piece than our kids movie reviewer, Lyla Clay. Lyla is 8 years old and entering the 3rd grade; she has great plans to be a part-time astronaut, a writer and a global singing sensation. The photo was taken on her family's recent Make-A-Wish trip for her older sister Keren, who is currently fighting cancer. 



I saw “Angry Birds 2” today. I didn’t find out until the last minute that I was going to get to see this movie, but when I found out then I was really happy because “Angry Birds 1” was really, really funny. It has the same characters, but it also has new characters. I don’t want to spoil the movie, but there’s one called Silver who is one of my favorites. She’s really energized, and she just writes a lot of stuff down because she’s an engineer and she invented Super String. There’s also some new pigs and new birds. There’s this really funny new hatchling named Pinky. I don’t know where she got this from because one of her parents doesn’t even talk but she says bad words but you don’t actually hear them in the movie which is really funny. It made me laugh a lot. Red who was in Angry Birds is feeling like he wants to be the highest, best hero but he used to be called a loser who had no friends so he’s struggling with his confidence. The Angry Birds and the Pigs have to make a truce because ice balls keep landing on Pig Island and Bird Island. Leonard sends a bunch of balloons to the Angry Birds that say “truce,” “truce,” “truce.” They are all around the town. Then they all choose to work together to save their islands. That’s where the movie starts getting really good. There’s also a surprise love story.


My favorite part is when the hatchlings have to save Pinky’s little sisters who are eggs that haven’t hatched yet. They have to fight a boa constrictor to get them back but I can’t tell you the funny parts because it would ruin it for you.

Parents should go see this movie because my mommy was amused, and I think other parents would be, too. I enjoyed the movie the most, but my 14-year-old brother and 11-year-old sister also laughed a lot. My mom thought she heard my brother laughing a lot, but I think that was me. He did laugh a lot, but not as much as me. Everybody should go see it, even grandparents who have a hard time getting up. They could wait to turn it on their TV. Just record it and watch it because it’s really fun!



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