"Frozen 2" Reviewed by Lyla Clay


South magazine reviews Frozen 2 — and who better to write this piece than our kids movie reviewer, Lyla Clay. Lyla is eight years old and entering third grade; she has great plans to be a part-time astronaut, a writer and a global singing sensation. The photo was taken on her family's recent Make-A-Wish trip for her older sister Keren, who is currently fighting cancer. 



I saw several movie trailers for Frozen II and every time I saw one I would tell my parents “you have to take us to see that”!  Anna is my favorite character.  She is so strong and a good sister to Elsa. There are some new characters and one who is a cute creature, but it is mostly about the old characters that we already know and love.   We get to learn more about Anna and Elsa’s parents. Olaf is very funny and very wise.  He says lots of facts and then he says that “water has memory”.  “And when I’m older I’ll know why all these things are happening”, but when he’s older he’ll have no clue.  He just thinks everything will get perfect when he’s older.  He’s really funny.   I like it when Kristoff talks for the reindeers.  He meets a friend who does the same thing for his reindeer. Kristoff tries to speak for Sven in the actual movie Kristoff speaks for the reindeer. He says something funny like “you should go and get her”.

There are new songs for this movie.  Almost all of the songs are new.  I like the song they play at the end of the movie, Into the Unknown.  I don’t recognize the singers but I heard some of them are famous.  The music is fun and I like the whole movie better.  I love Kristoff’s music video in this movie so watch for that when you see it.


I think I’m sort of like Anna because I am confident and always want to be with my sister.  I’m always trying to convince my sister that she can do better and that’s some of the things that Anna does.  That’s what I do with my sister.  I associate my sister with Elsa because she sort of seems like an Elsa.  My brother is more of a Sven (the reindeer) because only certain people can understand him.

I like this one more than the first one because it’s more my style of movie.  It’s not as kid-ish and Frozen II is more of a movie for me.  Not too kid-ish, it’s more action, more cartoony. It has a lot of saviors and losers and it has a happy ending.  It’s sort of like a musical.  I like action-filled, musical movies.  This is a good movie and you should see it.  It’s very fun!




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