Painting with a Twist


This image was taken by the Painting with a Twist coworkers during our class.

Painting with a Twist

When I was in elementary school, I dreaded art class. It was supposed to be a time when students could be creative, but I always felt that if my art wasn’t perfect it was something to be ashamed of. I don’t recall being properly introduced to painting in any of my art classes. I probably used water colors as opposed to acrylic paint. We mostly made paper cut outs, and used enough glue until it was peeling off of my skin. There were enough coloring exercises to drive me crazy, and construction paper scraps in my hair to make me despise using scissors. Overall, I was always interested in learning more about painting, but never knew where to go so I didn’t feel like a lost cause.  Recently, I attended a fundraiser event with Coastal Pet Rescue. The fundraiser was called Painting with a Purpose with the company Painting with a Twist.

For months, I have seen my friends attend these painting classes and they always leave with amazing art work. When I reached the studio I was instructed to put on a smock, and sit in front of a medium sized canvas. To my right, there were three brushes, a cup of water and paint prepared on a paper plate under my canvas. I was immediately terrified and intimidated by the canvas in front of me. Our artist instructor was Jessica Phillips Hight, and she was amazing. She made everyone feel comfortable and told us art does not have to be one dimensional. I quickly learned that my brushes can be called anything I like. Jessica referred to the brushes as Big Daddy, Little Mama and Baby Brush. It made art life simple. Throughout the two hour class, I realized that I’m a pretty good painter, and will definitely return to Painting with a Twist in the future.

I highly recommend attending a painting class with Painting with a Twist. They host birthday parties, team-building activities, baby showers, wedding showers and more. You are also welcome to bring wine for the adult only classes. See their website here

Photo courtesy via Painting with a Twist Savannah

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