"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

.....Think, Again.....


Solitude time to think at the New York Public Library

Photo: D. Paul Graham

Monday 5 Things….Think, Again…..

Thinking. We have all had a lot more time to think as we have been under ‘house arrest’ for the past few weeks. Re-re-re-re reading Atlas Shrugged, I was triggered by a quote from Dagny Taggert that made me pull out another Rand book - Anthem - and look at one of my highlighted notes.  “I think. I am. I will.” One of my favorite quotes from Ayn Rand’s novella ‘Anthem”, which is about a society in which freedom, individual rights, values and thinking have been abolished. Today M5T celebrates, again, one of the most precious gifts that we can give ourselves. The gift of thinking. This M5T redux seems all the more relevant as we have more time to think and sort things out during this crazy time of life for all of us.

1. Prioritize.

Rand also said that “Action expresses priorities”. Thinking takes time. Thinking is proactive. It takes effort to simply sit and be still. Thinking deeply is an action that demands making private time and private space a priority to be most effectual.

2. Prune.

A gardener knows that pruning dead branches is important to the shape and growth of a tree. Assess negativity in your life and discard the dross. Technology pulls incessantly at us, a virtual vortex of ways and means that pilfers time to think. All the more imperative to purposely prune dead time in our lives, take a respite from the inundation of information and put down the phone, tablet or computer, shut off the news or stop binging on Netflix to simply think and think for yourself, even if for a moment. Even during this time of Covid.

3. Physical.

Thinking deeply requires space without disruption, interruption. Space to slow down, to breath and to contemplate unreservedly and unfettered. Time alone, whether in the shower, in your office, on walks or in whatever your ‘nest’ may be. Diligently defend the place and time where you go to just be and to just think. We have this sort of time now, perhaps more than ever before in our lives.

4. Purpose.

Give yourself permission to take time to purposefully deliberate. Map out your world as it is today and where you want it to be tomorrow. Unpack your biggest problems. Define what is most important to you. Focus on your blessings. Align your priorities with your actions in life. Rediscover your voice, your values, your independent thought.

5. Ponder.

Ask yourself powerful questions. Use this time to refocus on your vision for life. Cultivate fresh outlandish dreams. Then plan to make them happen. Redefine your short-term and long-term goals and objectives. Consider new ideas for your life; where you are and where you want to be.

Here’s to a week of using this time wisely by gifting yourself time to reflect and the freedom and peace that comes from thinking for yourself. Think. Think big. Think positively about where you want to be post-Covid.

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