"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

.....The Sun Still Rises.....


Tybee Island Sunrise

Photo: D. Paul Graham

Monday 5 Things…..The Sun Still Rises……

I was thankful that the beaches re-opened up this weekend with the conditions of social distancing of six feet and groups no larger than ten people. Given I pulled into the Tybee Island Beach parking lot at 5:45 am, neither condition seemed to be a problem to comply with. The four other people that showed up to watch the orange orb rise over the horizon were well spread out. The splendid thing was that, despite COVID-19, Coronavirus, or the Novel Coronavirus, the sun rose. Again. As the waves from a rising tide and a soft pre-dawn wind serenaded me whilst waiting for the sun to show up, this morning’s M5T took form.

1. COVID Questions.

This pandemic has elevated emotions, concerns and questions around the world. I have to believe that people in the 182 countries impacted by the virus are asking the same questions. What will become of our culture, our ethos, our sense of security?  Where will I put my faith? What can I do about my anxiety and fear? Who should I seek advice from? When will this end and at what cost?

2. COVID Cash.

I won’t beleaguer this point but I’m not a big fan of government printing money for bailouts. That being said, the negative economic impact of Corona has been nothing short of breath taking. I am genuinely concerned for families that in some cases both bread winners have literally overnight been laid off or their jobs have been lost. Small businesses, who are the very fabric of our communities, employing our families, our friends, and our neighbors, may not survive this pandemic. Cash the cheque.

3. COVID-iots.

I am sickened by the media. I’m a news junkie, yet I have stopped listening and reading news throughout the day, opting for select news summaries at the end of the day. Determined fear mongering, dark narratives and blatant lies by the media do nothing but foster fear, panic and self-doubt. It’s should be simple, but it’s not their model. Have integrity in your reporting and give us facts not fiction.

4. COVID Acts.

Acts of compassion. Acts of humility. Acts of trying to be your best in the worst of situations. Acts of selflessness, of stepping up, of doing, and of helping others in need. Facebook posts even seem to have softened and have seemingly become more of a means of community and communication. Acts of creating, of sharing, and of uplifting others are taking place every day. Let’s pray that when this pandemic is said and done, that for once, human nature will transcend short memories and selfish natures and that, as a community, we will change for the better. Naïve? Idealistic? Perhaps.

5. COVID Trends.

As we started the new year of 2020 just over 3 months ago, we had no idea that our behavior, our perspective, and our vernacular would change so radically. Who would have thought we would be door dining? Three months ago, if a group of people walked into a grocery store, sporting face-covered bandannas with latex gloved hands, the police would have been called.  Who even thought about N95? Social distancing, self-quarantining, and contact tracing weren’t even topics of discussion. Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, ventilators and thermometers were not part of being prepared for bad situations. Hoarding was just a really bad reality show. Would we have wasted time on “Tiger King?” The impacts on our portfolios and savings, the potential transformation of the use of real estate for commerce, where and how employees provide value, and how and when we travel, all are yet to be seen. Once again in times of crisis, we have renewed gratitude for doctors, nurses and first responders. How many of you didn’t even really know your neighbors, perhaps not even knowing their names before Corona? Today, we recognize farmers and truck drivers with gratefulness. Parents have a new appreciation for teachers and technology. Survival has become more important than sports and community has become more important than independence. And the sun will rise again today.

Here's to a week, or likely a few more weeks, of staying healthy, staying distanced, and staying safe.

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