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South's Greatest Chefs 2019

Chef Kyle Brown is Revolutionizing Churchill's Pub

New Executive Chef Kyle Brown is bringing the Churchill's menu back to its classic British roots, serving honest pub fare — with a Southern twist.

The New and Not-So-Ordinary Restaurant Coming to Broughton

The Broughton Common will soon be the newest addition to the Savannah gastro-pub scene, growing from the incredible legacy of the Ordinary Pub.

South Exclusive: Squirrel's Pizza

South's Spring Foodie Tour

Hilton Head’s Fall Live Music Scene

Trendy & Stylish. Top 5 Luxurious and Trendy Restaurants

If there’s one thing Savannah does right, it’s adding a little class to all our favorite dishes. From white tablecloths, to the highest quality ingredients, these trendy and luxury restaurants are the best way to enjoy the nicer side of Savannah. Oh, and remember, elbows off the table, please.

Broaden Your Taste Buds. Top 5 Ethnic Restaurants

Why spend an obscene amount of money to travel the world when there’s a melting pot of eclectic and ethnic restaurants right here in the Hostess City? From Mexican, to Greek, to Southeast Asian, Savannah’s not shy about welcoming other parts of the world.

Buon Appetito! Top 5 Italian Restaurants

Italiano! It’s all in the family here in Savannah, and there’s plenty of hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurants to make you feel like one of the fam.

Eat. Beach. Eat. Top 5 Beach Eateries

With Tybee and Hilton Head Islands so darn close to the Hostess City, it’s kind of hard not to end up having a favorite beach eatery. There’s nothing more fun than chowing down on some classic Southern cooking while watching the waves in the distance.

2019 DineSouth Awards

The Late Bird Gets The Brunch. Top 5 Brunch Eateries

We're sorry, did someone say brunch? Brunch in Savannah is like barbecue is to ribs. After a healthy fixin' of church on Sunday morning, you could bet the farm that you'll find a majority of Savannahians in a quaint brunch eatery right after.

Make Way! Top 5 Best New Restaurants

Out with the old and in with the new. the south doesn’t play around when it comes to food. if it ain’t good, we won’t keep it. to show some of our new favorites some love, here are the top five best new restaurants that are serving up culinary delights.

Stuffing The Ol’ Bread Basket. Top 5 Southern Cooking

There’s nothing more classic than down-home, classic Southern cookin’, and no one does it better than Savannah. From Food Queen Paula Deen, to local rave Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room, there’s no shortage of deep fried chicken legs and mashed potatoes and gravy.

Gettin' Saucy. Top 5 Lowcountry Barbecue

Sweet, spice, and everything nice, these Lowcountry barbecue joints are sure to hit the spot for the wisest of connoisseurs, and even the pickiest of guests. Put your bibs on and keep the wet naps handy.

Go South, Atlanta, GA, E-A-T in the A-T-L

Atlanta has no scarcity of good eating. But some of the city’s quintessential dishes hide in plain sight on residential streets and in barely-marked buildings.

Hauntingly Good Beer

How to Wake up America

Four Biscuits We’re Waking Up To

The Pho-Real Deal at The Noodle Bowl

How Much Candy Satisfies Savannah's Sweet Tooth

Top Five Candies to Make Savannah Visitors Stay for Life

An Evening with TeamSouth

TeamSouth celebrated the completion of our upcoming August/September “Style and Luxury” issue by embarking on a night of luxury with some of our favorite indulgences.

Creative Catering

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